Nuvoton NuMicro Family 32-bit Microcontroller ARM Cortex-M0 based

Nuvoton NuMicro Family, 32-bit microcontrollers based on ARM CortexM0 is a product of Nuvoton Technology Corporation, Taiwan. Family NuMicro adopt the latest processor ARM CortexM0, the smallest feature size, low power consumption, and optimization of several sets of instructions. As a reliable microcontroller, NuMicro Family is equipped with various built-in analog, mixed signal components, and a wide range of high-speed communication interfaces, making it easier for users to upgrade their products from 8051 to NuMicro Family series. With the integration of the input voltage variation features and EMI from 8-bit microcontrollers, NuMicro Family is very suitable for industrial control systems.

Nuvoton NuMicro Family

Nuvoton NuMicro Family

NuMicro Family is the solution provided by Nuvoton to satisfy the demand for 8-bit microcontrollers for customers around the world with a fairly competitive price, but has a higher performance that is equivalent to a 32-bit microcontroller. Operating speeds can reach 50 MHz, equivalent to 45 DMIPS (45 millions of instructions executed per second). Family NuMicro kernel also comes with a built-in 32-bit multiplier, NVIC (Nested vectored Interrupt Controller), and dual-channel APB, PDMA.

on the system memory, this product has been equipped with 32K Bytes of up to 128K Bytes Flash memory with 16K Bytes SRAM. In terms of devices, NuMicro Family is equipped with high-speed interfaces such as UART, SPI, I2C, USB 2.0 FS, CAN, LIN, IrDA. For analog components, NuMicro Family also provides 8-channel 12-bit ADC, two sets of analog comparators, low voltage detector and others. Four sets of 32-bit timer, RTC, watchdog timer, built-in oscillator that enrich the ability NuMicro Family. With all the features mentioned above, the whole system can be ascertained Family NuMicro work optimally to meet customer needs.

NuMicro Family 32-bit microcontroller has gained official support of MDKARM”, Microcontroller Development Kit of ARM. MDKARM integrates the ARM RealView Compilation Tools with the Keil IDE and Debugger Tools μVision4. Customers can select a complete solution integrated development tool EWARM” provided by IAR, which is known as a world class company. In addition to full support of several well-known companies worldwide, Nuvoton also provides a complete system S / W & H / W to assist customers in developing products in a short time. Customers can also take advantage of the ability of the ISP (In System Programming) or ICP (In Circuit Programming) to update the system firmware, which can increase the flexibility and convenience in the production process.


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