New Mac OS X Ransomware KeRanger Infected Risk

Palo Alto Networks says that it comes from a ransomware Transmission BitTorrent program in which the program itself is open source. The program’s official website promises that the program is safe, but in reality the two programs available net has been replaced with two programs that have been inserted KeRanger.

KeRanger can escape from scanning Apple Gatekeeper in the Macintosh operating system for this program has been equipped with an official developer certificate. Whereas Gatekeeper role here as a bastion of Macintosh, so that users can not install programs freely from unknown sources, including a program that is infected with malware.

But fortunately Apple directly act quickly to block the certificate attached to the Transmission program. Apple also has updated XProtect to detect antivirus KeRanger this ransomware. For those users who have downloaded a program that has been infected with this ransomware will be warned and advised to delete it.


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