NASA Develops Chemical Laptop could hunt for signs of Alien life

This chemical laptop designed by scientists in order to bring the sample material on other cosmic bodies and in order to find out about the signs of alien life. In the future, NASA will also use this tool to research and exploration of outer space.
Chemical laptop is designed to be able to take fluid samples then mixing it with the dye, the sample will be attached to the amino and fatty acids, a type of organic compounds which can be a sign life, which then can choose through the detection laser. Even NASA compares Chemical Laptop with Star Trek tricorder” for signs of alien life.

NASA laptop is different with laptops in general, on the software side of this laptop has the distinction analysis applications such as amino and fatty acids. Both types were indeed sound rather general and simple, but both have a very important war. Both are of key importance in life, as we know the protein plays a role in the development of the human body and proteins are formed from amino acids. While fatty acids can be found in the cell membrane.

Although both are formed by themselves in nature without the existence of life, this means that the two things are not a sure sign of the existence of alien life. Because of this complexity, Chemical Laptops are designed to distinguish between artificial and natural biological of acids.

Scientists also have found that an amino acid can be right handed or left handed. While on Earth, the amino acid has a characteristic usually found with left handed, standards that may have been specified when life first began.

If they succeed in finding excess left or right handed, then it will be the achievement of the bigest NASA. Because it will also be able to be the best evidence that the existence of life on other planets besides Earth. But the development of NASA’s laptop was not fully able to work optimally, it needs further development so that the sample can work well with tools.


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