Mikrotik user manager package download for Hotspot

Hotspot is a facility that is most widely used by the proxy .. In Router Mikrotik already provided hotspots.
Hotspot is a facility where Internet use requires the user to enter a user and password on a web browser. With internet access hotspot owner can restrict access time, bandwidth usage, and bandwidth quotas, and also limited the validity period.

There are two models in mikrotik stew.
1. Hotspot non manager
2. Hotspot user manager.

Hotspot non manager is a hotspot that is already available in the system without having to install the router proxy “package” user manager.
For non manager hotspot basic needs is enough, but if you want more facilities than it is required to use the hotspot hotspot user manager.

While hotspot user manager are hotspots that can only be executed by installing the first “package User Manager”

In mikrotik operating system, user package manager to install separately. The package currently on file: all_packages-mchine_version_os.zip
Example For the OS running on the machine with the OS version mipsbe 6:33 then the format: all_packages-mipsbe-6.33.zip

The file size is quite large (about 10Mb) is user manager therein around 1Mb.
We often only need one file it without all existing files.
In this blog I set up a special folder on your file that file from version 5 s / d Version 6.


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