Mikrotik Tutorial – How to Set up Shared User Mikrotik step by step

Microcontrols is proud to bring back the latest mikrotik tutorial 2015. This time I will raise the theme surrounding mikrotik hotspot user. The discussion will be focused on the user profile for hotspot mikrotik user whether made in the user manager or in winbox.

Case study

Suppose you are a cafe owner who install hotspot to indulge the visitors so that they like to hanging out in your cafe. Due to the large number of visitors and the bustle then you do not want to be bothered with making of hotspot voucher to be generated in mikrotik userman then printed and given to the customer and the other hand you also want to keep displaying the login page hotspot so that the visitors could see the promotion that you offered. The point is you want to make one user that can be used together but can be done with limit to the user. In the cool term is called mikrotik shared user.

There are two steps that you can do to create shared user in the mikrotik.

  1. Shared user winbox mikrotik
  2. Shared user in userman mikrotik

The differences between shared user mikrotik in winbox and shared user mananger is related to the limitation issue where if using the user manager so the voucher setting will becomes more flexible than the voucher setting in winbox.

Shared user winbox mikrotik

For set up shared user winbox mikrotik is fairly easy, just create a profile share user and then connect the profile with the user that we created.

Sign in to IP -> Hotspot -> User Profile

Set up Shared User Mikrotik 1

Then click to IP -> Hotspot -> User

Set up Shared User Mikrotik 2

For testing please login to the hotspot by using the user who had just made with together in the same time at least two people. If everything able to login means that you have success made shared user in the winbox mikrotik

Shared user in the userman mikrotik

To create shared user mikrotik in order to run in userman the way is firstly do the first step above to create a profile in winbox. Furthermore login to userman then follow the steps as following.

Set up Shared User Mikrotik 3

Click the profile menu and then click TAB Limitation and Click the profile menu and then click TAB Profile, And the next is create user on the user menu

Set up Shared User Mikrotik 4

For the testing is the same with setting shared user in winbox mikrotik, please login together in the same time to the hotspot mikrotik. If everything able to login means you have success to setting shared user in the userman mikrotik.


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  1. michael

    Jul 22. 2016

    May you please give me more info on howto setup different mikrotik hotspots on each of the VLAN interfaces (lets 3 Vlans) step by step will greatly help.


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