Mikrotik Tutorial : Create HotSpot Voucher in User Manager

Mikrotik has provided an application system which is used to perform user management of the hotspot service. Application systems as we often hear that User Manager. The application system is web-based and integrated with existing Radius features in Mikrotik Router. One of the advantages of this application is a system we can generate vouchers hotspot automatically according to user data that is on the list in UserManager.

In the discussion this time we will be more focus on how to generate vouchers hotspot and also modify the appearance of the voucher. In making the voucher hotspot is actually quite easy. First, we go to the Usersin User Manager, then select the account which will be in print in the voucher. Then click Generate> Vouchers.

generate voucher hotspot

We can determine whether the results of the earlier voucher will be stored as a file or directly displayed on a web page browser. If we want to save the file we mark the Download as File. In this example we will immediately display the voucher on the web page browser. Next click on the button ‘Generate‘. Will automatically display a voucher that contains standard information from the system.

generate voucher hotspot2

How to customize Hotspot Vouchers ?

We can also perform editing of the standard view of the hotspot vouchers in accordance with what we want. To change the view, we go to the menu Settingstab select the template. Do not forget to determine the parameters Name = Vouchers‘. Well, here we will do the editing script used to generate vouchers. Because using HTML script, at least we have been familiar with HTML language.

generate voucher hotspot3There is a special parameter of User Manager that can be applied to the HTML language that will automatically display data from the user account information such as the configuration in the user profile. These parameters are known as Character Constants. For parameters that we use the example of this discussion, namely,
% u_username%: Username
% u_password%: Password
% u_actualProfileName%: Name User Profile
% u_moneyPaid%: The price of the voucher

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