Microsoft Will Production SIM card for windows devices ?

Microsoft reportedly will make the SIM card. This rumor was revealed from the description of mobile data applications published in the Windows Store. According to news circulating, the application is available in the Windows Store is described that the user can stay connected wherever they go even without WiFi in a way connected to “cellular data network that is reliable for the whole country“.
In addition, the report also mentions that it requires a SIM card to operate. These applications could only run on Windows 10 platforms only. In fact, a rumor which states that there will be international roaming will be available in the near future.

Redmond-based company that will create a mobile network in partnership with other operators, so that users can connect anywhere without the need to look at what type of SIM card used, it could have been as long as they have a Microsoft account.

Despite many rumors that reported this, but Microsoft has not announced it officially. Until now there has been some clarity when the company is now led by Satya Nadella this will bring mobile services to the SIM card. If the service is properly launched, this being a new innovation in the mobile network.



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