Microsoft Ready to Launch Five Variants Windows 10

Microsoft often presents several variants when launching new products, namely Windows 10. The company is located in Redmond will release five variants of Windows 10 that is adapted various devices and needs.

Microsoft Ready to Launch Five Variants Windows 10

microsoft Windows 10 Release

microsoft Windows 10 Release

In the blog Microsoft describes in detail the five variants of Windows 10 complete with features that will be taken each version. Five variants of Windows 10 are:

Windows 10 Home

Desktop edition for the consumer. Can be used in the PC desktop, tablet or hybrid device. Microsoft completes Windows 10 Home with Cortana features, Edge web browser, Continuum table mode, Windows and Xbox Gaming Hello.

Windows 10 Pro

Desktop edition for PCs, tablets and hybrid devices. Has more features than the Windows 10 Home. Suitable SMEs or companies that run Choose Your Own Device (CYOD) and prosumer. Windows 10 Pro can help manage devices and applications effectively and efficiently, protecting business data, supporting the scenario of mobile productivity and cloud technology support.

Windows 10 Pro allows consumers to take advantage of Windows Update for Business which will reduce management costs, offering rapid access to security updates and get the latest innovations from Microsoft on an ongoing basis.

Windows 10 Mobile

Microsoft officially replaced the brand Windows Phone into Windows 10 Mobile. This variant is designed for small mobile devices that smartphones and tablets.

microsoft Windows 10 Mobile Release

microsoft Windows 10 Mobile Release


Windows 10 Mobile offers productivity, security and management capabilities so that maximum is used as a working tool. With Continuum features, make the user can use the smartphone selakanya PC when connected to a larger screen.

Windows 10 Enterprise

Intended enterprise. Offers better security capabilities. So that data and sensitive company information can be maintained. Besides supporting the use of devices and more applications.

Windows 10 Education

Built on the Windows 10 Enterprise, this variant is designed to meet the needs of education oraganisasi, ranging from administration, teacher to student. Windows 10 Education will be available through Academic Volume Licensing.


Windows 10 Mobile Enterprise

This variant is a Windows 10 Mobile but made specifically for the enterprise. Microsoft adds a variety of features to address the needs of the business.

Windows 10 For Raspberry PI 2

Good news for fans of the Internet of Things (IOT) and the Raspberry Pi 2. Along with the release of the Raspberry Pi 2, Microsoft stated that Windows 10 for Raspberry Pi 2 can be obtained free of charge. Windows 10 for Raspberry Pi 2 is a version of Windows 10 IOT (Internet of Things) that its current trend is booming.

Windows 10 Mobile for Raspberry PI 2

Windows 10 Mobile for Raspberry PI 2


To that for programmers and developers who have Raspberry Pi 2, you can directly enroll in Windows IOT Developer Program in order to later get a free Windows 10 IOT so available.

Raspberry PI can also install the program in order to communicate with Arduino. Arduino so developers can still run the program created in the machine Raspberry B + PI 2.




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