Microsoft and Wacom will launch Most Advance Stylus

Most Advance Stylus that will be made by Wacom and Microsoft is going to be designed to be used with different types of devices based on Windows 10. And the market potential of the stylus pen with such capabilities also will be very high. Moreover, some time ago, Microsoft revealed that there are currently more than 270 million devices based on Windows 10 that exist around the world.
As a first step in the process of cooperation the two companies are utilizing Microsoft’s Windows Pen Protocol, And on the other hand, the sophisticated stylus pen will be presented on the collaboration between the two companies also will have the ability property of Wacom stylus pen which is widely used by designers.
The existence of a stylus pen is indeed providing assistance operation of the mobile device directly. Moreover, when used to operate a mobile device that has a screen large enough. Not just a tablet or laptop, but the stylus now also be found in mobile devices such as phablet though.


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