Michigan Micro Mote, the super small computer

Michigan Micro Mote (M3) could fit when placed on the outskirts of nickel and has a measurement volume of just one cubic millimeter. The device is believed to be the smallest computer in the world that has been able to offer some of the features that can be applied in many fields including medicine and industry Computers
Michigan Micro Mote
The M3 computer can perform electrocardiogram and can also measure blood pressure and temperature when inserted into the body. The computer also can help oil companies to detect pockets of oil after being inserted into the oil wells and make sure that no oil left to extract.

This computer can be made with a very small size because researchers have found a way to make it work without consuming a lot of energy like other computer. Thus, the battery needs to be lowered and the size of the computer can also be minimized. To recharge and enter information into a computer, the researchers only high-frequency light shone into the computer. M3 is then deliver the results to the main computer by using conventional radio frequency.

What many people do not realize today is a very big part of the volume of the computer for example as in the actual phones consume a lot of battery,” said professor of computer science and mechanical engineering University of Michigan, David Blaauw. So by lowering the power, we can reduce the size of the battery, and we can also reduce the size of the entire system.” M3 is currently already in the production stage. But researchers are still looking for ways to further minimize the overall size of this computer, which they jokingly refer to as smart dust.”


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