Mark zuckerberg dresses his baby as a Jedi in Star Wars Movie

mark zuckerberg childon his official Facebook account, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg recently uploaded an adorable photo of her daughter who attracted the attention of netizens. The photo shows Maxima, daughter of Zuck wearing a cloth or robe like a character in the movie Star Wars Jedi.

daughter Priscilla Chan was also increasingly adorable among puppet characters in the movie Star Wars, and there is also a lightsaber sword beside the small size. Sotak netizens abuzz any comment on the photos uploaded Zuck.
Since this article was written, recorded photos uploaded Zuck 11 hours before it has to get the thumb or the like as much as 1.93 million and that figure will continue to grow. Not only that, netizens also upload photos of their babies who carries the same theme with the daughter of Zuck in the comments field.
Previously, Zuck has also uploaded a photo of herself that was changing diapers Max. On the photo submissions, millions of thumb or the like have also been obtained Zuck. In the photo, Zuck looked very serious when changing her diaper.

Zuck himself has recently become the talk of the public with the things he lalukan. The most surprising thing is, Zuck which contributed 99% of its stake in Facebook to the foundation he founded.


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