Loon Copter is a multi talent drone, that can fly,floats and dives underwater

Loon CopterLoon Copter, developed by Embedded Systems Research Laboratory of the University of Oakland. By design, the drone of this one was not like one another quadcopter that can be found on the market. But the multi-talented capabilities that exist in this drone, can not be rivaled by another drone.

In a YouTube video, Copter Loon is also demonstrated its ability, either flying in the air, swim on the surface of the water to dive should a submarine. With his ability, these drones can be used for various purposes.

To be able to dive in the water, this drone was equipped with a buoyancy chamber. At the time of the dive, the buoyancy chamber also will be filled with water. And then, when in the water, this drone will change the position of 90 degrees so that the propeller drones are in the front.

But this drone is still in the process of development. One is because of these drone does not have the ability to transmit live video. In the future, the drone is going to Loon Copter accompanied by acoustic modem or repeater buoy that enables live streaming feature.


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