Linksys introduces HighSpeed Smart WiFi Router AC1900 (EA6900)

Linksys introduced the latest router, Smart WiFi Router AC1900 (EA6900). This router offers speeds up to 600 Mbps for devices with capabilities of WirelessN and 1300 Mbps Wireless-enabled device AC.

Smart WiFi Router AC1900Smart Router is claimed to have the best-in-class performance and technologically WirelessAC fastest today. In contrast to other Linksys routers, Smart WiFi AC1900 has been equipped with three external dipole antennas that can be removed. In addition to providing maximum flexibility to the customer in the drive signal, the external antenna also allows consumers to replace the antenna with other types according to user needs.

with a dual core processor speed of 800 MHz and a USB 3.0 connection for sharing storage media, this router has a maximum performance. Another advantage, Smart WiFi AC1900 has brought the latest technology beamforming” that presents a broader network coverage and speed WiFi higher at the site of use, such as in a home or office space.

To provide convenience for consumers, this router installation process can be done without the help of the installation CD. Users can even connect to the router through a browser application on a PC or other mobile devices, such as smartphones or tablets. Users can also create an account Linksys Smart WiFi for easy home network settings, such as Parental Control and Guest Access.


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