LG’s Rolling Bot is like a BB-8 at Star Wars

At the Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2016 and LG introduced a robot that can move in a way that is named Rolling rolling Bot. At first glance this robot is similar to BB-8 robots from the Star Wars movies, it’s just that this robot can not move on its own. Rolling Bot has a camera in the middle of the stay will persist in its position even though the robot is moving. It is not clear in fact that can be said for what this device was created or only as a complement of the latest smartphone LG is LG G5 used, to control this unique robot.
Rolling Bot
Rolling Bot is also not easy to be moved. Users can choose to control this robot is based on the existing camera on the robot and in the display directly to a smartphone or see it immediately and control it to the intended direction as the user desires. Display on the smartphone display seems simple, like if you are playing games.
Rolling Bot controller
Because it can be connected to the Internet, this device can be used to monitor the state of your house if you’re traveling. Users can keep an eye on pets or simply check whether the lights in the house has been turned off. The device is equipped with a laser pointer and an 8MP camera can broadcast live video to a smartphone, is also equipped with a speaker that allows users to interact with anyone in the house.


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