LG to unveil SmartThinQ Sensor, Design and Realization of Smart Home System

There is good news for those who crave the realization of the concept of smart homewith connectivity and control various household electronic devices wirelessly. Because, LG will soon introduce LG SmartThinQ Sensor. With the paste on electronic devices that ordinary households, without the ability to connect to the Internet, will give him a cleverness that makes users able to control through a special application.

LGsmarthinqAdoption of household electronic devices smart running slow due to the perception that the technology that allows this to happen is still difficult to reach. This is what we change through LG SmartThinQ Sensor,” said Jo Seongjin, CEO of LG Electronics Home Appliance & Air Solution Company. LG SmartThinQ sensor capabilities, making users do not need to replace the collection of household electronic devices capable hers be connected to the Internet, will accelerate the expansion of the presence of smart homein society.

LG SmartThinQ Sensor is a device that is very simple. Simply by attaching a round-shaped tool is the electronic devices belonging to your household, relations between devices will be interwoven through SmartThinQ downloaded applications on smartphones. Not just reading the level of vibration and temperature, this connection also allows users to communicate with the electronic device of the household.

LG pointed out, stick it in an ordinary washing machine will make the user gets the information when washing is completed. While stuck in a refrigerator with prior arrangement, will give users information on various types of food stored in the cabin quickly approaching expiration. In addition, this application will also send a notification of the number of times the refrigerator door is opened even if you‘re not at home.

Besides the launch of the LG SmartThinQ Sensor, LG also introduced two household electronic devices, namely smart LG Lightwave Oven Smart and Smart Air Conditioner. Both have compatibility with AllJoyn as a platform for the Internet of things (IOT) developed Allseen Alliance.

AllJoyn is an open-source software that provides ease for various devices and applications to connect and communicate with each other. AllJoyn existence itself received great support from all members who joined in Allseen Alliance. This is a cross-industry consortium with more than 180 companies that have committed to the development of IOT.

Smart LG Lightwave Oven compatibility allows users to download, updating (update) and distribute a variety of recipes with colleagues via smartphones. Connectedness with WiFi allows users to perform all device settings despite being out of the house. This includes setting mode, until the temperature required to cook a certain food as needed. Smart LG Lightwave Oven even have the ability to perform self-diagnosis and look for a solution for a variety of information related to the possibility of malfunctions.


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