Learn and Play Arduino easily with Bluino-ONE

The rise of sphere the Internet of Things recently made masks began to emerge in the world. Although some still shy, its potential is already visible. Martin Kurnadi, as the Founder Geeknesia, seeing this potential still has not been matched by any means to introduce their products to a wider sphere.

one of their latest products is Blueno-ONE, Judah Artha Wihardja provide explanations of the tools named Bluino-ONE, readers can learn and play Arduino more easily. If using a USB Arduino, Bluino-ONE using Bluetooth so makers can do or create programs using smart phones and do builds directly on Bluino-ONE via Bluetooth.

according to the official website, Bluino an Arduino Uno based embedded systems that have been added thereto HC05 Bluetooth module that makes Bluino-ONE can be programmed wirelessly using a laptop (Arduino software) or using Android Devices (Bluino Loader).
Hardware Specifications:
Blueno-ONE has a shape and pin arrangement are the same as the Arduino Uno, Arduino Shield so many devices that can be mounted above Bluino-ONE, such as a motor shield, shield LCD, breadboard shield, shield 7 segment, shield shield relay and many more.
Micro USB socket serves only as a 5V power line, do not function as line programming. Programming can only be done through a Bluetooth connection. Blue Led indicator flashes when Bluino-ONE is being programmed or connected to a Bluetooth device (laptop / Android). SMD jumper at the default position is connected to enable the auto reset when the programming mode.

-Microcontroller: ATmega328 (QFP)
-Communication: Bluetooth HC-05
-Operating Voltage: 5V
-Digital I / O Pin: 12 (with 6 can function as PWM outputs)
-DC Current per I / O pin: 40mA
-Flash Memory: 32KB (ATmega328) which is used by the bootloader 0.5KB
-SRAM: 2KB (ATmega328)
-EEPROM: KB (ATmega328)
-Clock Speed: 16Mhz
-Length: 72mm
-Width: 54mm
-Weight: 5gr


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