Layer Design unveils 3D-printed Wheelchair more comfortable

3D-printed Wheelchair 2Layer‘s design has announced that they managed to make the wheelchair more comfortable with implementing 3D printing technology. Wheelchair 3D printing has been done starting from 6 months ago, in which companies work together with patients and doctors to make wheelchair most convenient for the patient by considering various aspects.

One of the reasons why it might be more convenient, as the size of the user had been taken earlier, which means the wheelchair had been chiseled appropriate body size potential users.
3D-printed Wheelchair
Eg foot based on the length and shape of the user’s foot and the position of their seat. In addition, because we all tend to have a different seating position, this being an important point in ensuring the comfort of the user. Of course wheelchair modification is not something new, but Layer’s design says it takes about two weeks to produce, compared to 8 weeks or more for conventional designs.


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