Kangaroo, Small Computer from InFocus Can Sign Pocket Shirt

kangaroo mini pcInFocus released a computer stick with the name Kangaroo. Although the shape is not like Intel and Asus Vivo Compute Stick Stick-like flash, the shape of this slightly larger Kangaroo. Can be said to be shaped like an external hard disk, but smaller. Which obviously can still get in a shirt pocket and is easy to carry anywhere.

Kangaroo is equipped with an Intel Cherry Trail, Intel Atom Z8500 x5 quadcore processors with speeds 2,24GHz. There is also a 2GB RAM just to run office applications, because the average stick computer use is not too heavy. There is an internal memory with a capacity of 32GB eMMC manifold, and can be expanded using micro SD up to 128GB capacity.

Even more interesting is that the computer is capable of running the latest operating system from Microsoft, Windows 10. Talk to the price, InFocus does not set a high price to be able to propose this stick computer, just $99


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