Intel will launch 5,1GHz Extreme Processor

from reports circulating faster processors Intel is preparing to be released this year. processors will be released this belongs to the family of Intel Xeon E5-2600 V4, or rather is the Xeon E5-2602 V4. From the information in circulation, the processor will have speeds may be high, ie 5,1GHz, If that information is true, then certainly Intel will break the record to break the speed limit 5GHz. Quad core-based processors, Intel Xeon E5-2602 V4 will have 10MB of L3 cache.

extreme processors intelExtreme class processor takes to break the speed of more than 5GHz need to overclock quite fitting for the organization, it was also there that use nitrogen cooling to keep the temperature and stability. For power consumption, of course a bit greedy of the most outstanding processor, as Intel‘s Xeon E5-2602 V4 takes the power intake of 165 Watts. This processor rumors will be entered into the ranks of BroadwellEP that uses motherboard socket LGA 2011v3, which motherboard is also used for extreme processors, the Intel Core i7 6950X that will be present in the near future.

but Intel until this moment has not clarified whether it wants to release this processor. But if true, as has been said, Intel will break the world record for the default processor with a speed of 5,1GHz. We wait for further news from Intel.


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