Intel Unveils Haswell based processor

The Largest processor manufacturer, Intel, start selling Pentium and Core i3 microprocessors Haswell-based desktop PC to the device. The new chips with 22 nanometer process technology will improve performance and lower power consumption.

haswell microprocessor

haswell microprocessor

different as generation Core i3 processor Ivy Bridgepreviously, a family of products Haswell’ new Core i3-4000 comes with 4MB cache, 1MB boost will improve performance in singlethreaded applications and memoryintensive.

Generally, features Intel Core i3 dualcore processors with HyperThreading technology has (HT), a new-generation chips also support Intel HD Graphics, HD Graphics 4400 or HD Graphics 4600. The new chips Core i3 in form factors (formfactor) LGA 1150 will be priced at USD122 to USD149.

Central Processing Unit (CPU) Intel Pentium will be present with two cores without HT technology. With minus the technology, it will lower clock rates than the Core i3 products. Chip Pentium LGA 1150 will be sold at prices ranging from USD64 to USD86.



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