Intel Release 6th Generation Intel Core Processor

Intel Corporation introduced the latest processor Intel Core Generation 6, the best Intel processor so far. This launch marks a turning point in man’s relationship with the computer. Generation Intel Core processor6 provides better performance and a whole new experience with the lowest power level.
intel skylake
Built on micro-architecture Skylake technology manufacturing process 14nm leading Intel, Intel Core Generation 6 gives the performance of two and a half times better, battery life three times, and the display image 30 times better for the experience of playing games and watching videos more seamless.

Intel Core Processor Generation 6 enables a broader design to meet virtually all the needs of users. Intel Core M processors, which can deliver performance two-fold better than tablets leading premium today, will now include Intel Core m3, m5 and m7 to provide convenience and choice for consumers in finding the Intel Core m most could meet their needs.

Generation Intel Core processor6 is able to provide a significant increase in graphics performance for the sake of captivating images during game play, including the ability 4K content creation and playback media.

Intel Core platform will provide a variety of features and new user experience. More devices can use Thunderbolt 3 to USB Type-C, allowing a single compact port that is capable of doing everything.

Platform Intel Core Generation 6 will also enable the implementation of the initiative of “no wiresor wirelessly” from Intel to provide the best experience in wireless display through devices available today such as Intel WiDi software or Pro WiDi.

Intel Processor Generation 6 assists optimization of the use of features such as Windows 10 and Windows Hello Cortana for interaction more smooth and natural. Camera devices equipped with Intel RealSense and integrated with Windows Hello lets users securely log in using facial recognition technology.


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