Intel Launches Fastest Processor for gamers

intel gaming processor

intel gaming processor

Intel Launches New Processor for Gamers, Intel claims that Iris Pro Graphics 6200 on the new processor models are included in the family Broadwell” though it offers graphics performance up to two times faster than the Intel HD Graphics 4600 GPU on previous generation processors.

The processor of 10, 5 of them are models for laptops are intended for gamers and creators on the way“. All 5 models of this laptop processors, sequentially from the bottom to the top models, the Core i5-5350H, i7-5700HQ Core, Core i7-5750HQ, i7-5850HQ Core, and Core i7-5950HQ.

Unless Core i5-5350H (2 cores, 4 threads), all models have 4 CPU cores with 8 logical thread. 5 price range models with a TDP of 47 watt chip is between 289 dollars to 623 dollars. As for the five other models intended for desktop computers, namely klins sequentially from the bottom up models teratas- i5-5575R Core, Core i5-5675R, Core i5-5675C, i7-5775R Core, and Core i7-5775C.

To5 desktop model has four CPU cores, but only i7-5775R Core, and Core i7-5775C that provides eight logical thread. One model, the Core i7-5700HQ, do not use the Iris Pro Graphics 6200 GPU, but the HD Graphics 5600. The five desktop chips with a TDP of 65 watts is sold from 244 dollars to 366 dollars.

The presence of desktop processors models are also marking the presence of Iris Pro GPU Graphics 6200 integrated in the chip package LGA (land grid array) that can be changed. Previously, the GPU is concerned only available in processors with packaging BGA (ball grid array) are soldered directly to the motherboard.


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