Huawei launches 10KB LiteOS for IoT

Huawei, a leading telecom company of china has launched a new operating system that is highly efficient in terms of file size is 10KB which is intended for devices that have minimal power and storage capacity that is Internet Of Things like cars, watches until toothbrush including wearable device.

IOT is the most likely future trends that will involve a lot of devices are connected, the device is expected to reach 100 billion by 2025.

Lite OS Huawei

Lite OS Huawei

Lite OS operating system is not designed to compete with Android or iOS, and is focused on the world IOT only.This OS supports a wide range of hardware, including microcontroller and embedded ARM Cortex processor and require very little power only.

Devices running OS Lite can be controlled remotely (remote) and can collect data, even this OS can be installed on a device that is already running Android and can connect with third-party devices.


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  1. Angel Healy

    Mar 04. 2016

    Interesting! An OS especially made for the Internet of Things market. This will definitely make things run smoothly especially now that a number of things are being incorporated into IoT, like inventory management.

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