How to set the TP-LINK CPE210 PHAROS as Repeater

Billingmikrotik this time will provide a tutorial for TP-LINK AP Outdoor users particularly Pharos series, here is how the configuration of TP-LINK wirelles CPE outdoor Pharos series, this guide can be used to configure the interface pharos GUI. The default IP address of all pharos GUI devices is with default configuration of non DHCP, means we have to replace the adapter device manually before web access interface the device. This is the following steps:

  1. First we replace our computer IP like this:


  1. After replacing our IP access the default IP TP-LINK devices in the browser (username: admin, password: admin) after that we will be asked to create a new password for our devices before login



3. After login we will get a web interface TP-LINK PHAROS


  1. After that we headed QUICK SETUP menu for the first step we select the repeater menu and then press next


  1. After we click the next button it will be display of LAN settings (we can skip for this step)


  1. Next we click survey, in this section we select the signal that we will use for repeater


  1. If it has found the wifi signal that we want then we select it and click connect


  1. And the next we change the name to help us in recognizing our repeater on the SSID of e remote AP column and press next


  1. Finished, TP LINK CPE210 already become repeater



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