How to set JDK PATH in windows 7 easily – Android Tutorial

first performed You must first install the JDK (Java Development Kit) and also Android Studio first. Because Android applications developed using the Java programming language. Therefore JDK (Java Development Kit) must be installed on your computer. Well in this tutorial I will share How Installing and Setting PATH JDK (Java Development Kit) in Windows 7.

I am using JDK version 7, you can download it for free at the web site Then adjust the version of Windows you if you are using Windows 64 bit you can use the x64 version.

1. Installation JDK After you download and open and select Next.

instalation jdk1

2. Then wait for the installation JDK

instalation jdk2

3. Once done you can choose Close.

instalation jdk3

Setting PATH JDK.
After installing the JDK (Java Development Kit) is completed we have to set up or configure the PATH in Windows. In order for already installed Java program can run well on Android Studio.

  1. copy the installation folder location address JDK (Java Development Kit) in the Local Disk C or in any folder.
  2. Then, move on to the windows right-click Computer and select Properties.

instalation jdk4

3. Select Advanced system settings

4. and then, Environment Variables.

instalation jdk5

5. In the System variables then search Path then Edit and the far left in the Variable value you paste the folder location address JDK (Java Development Kit) you then add (;)

instalation jdk6


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