How to fix “Error Launching Android Studio” Easily

this time we‘ll make a tutorial how to fix errors that occur on android studio, this occurs in Windows 7 and Windows 8 are common to command errors like Error Launching Android Studio“. The following is a way to fix the error on android studio.

error on android studio

  1. first tutorial is for users of Windows 7, you Kita Click Start, then Right Click On Computer Select Properties


2. Then after that we select Advanced System Settings In the menu on the left

error on android studio2

3. After That We Choose Environment Variables

error on android studio3

4. then we create a new variables, so Android can be run by all users, then it helps us create new variables in the system

error on android studio4

5. fill in the name of his variable with the name JAVA_HOME and variable value we fill the location where we install java sdk, if you have not installed it you can get on the web oracle and once installed java you can start from the first step. but if you‘ve installed it you just click ok and now android studio you can run it on your pc / laptop.

error on android studio5

Now, Android Studio is ready to run, hopefully this simple tutorial can help you.

welcome to Android studio


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