How To Block Spam Messages On iPhone easily

spamSince the short message or SMS became known and can be used to convey messages quickly, advertising companies are also using it to promote their products. And it is this which often makes us feel upset because too many spam messages in the mailboxes of our iPhone.

Luckily Apple has a security feature for the iPhone, which allows you to have control over the privacy and block certain phone numbers from SMS and iMessages. Here’s how to block spam messages on the iPhone:

  • Go to the Messages application
  • Tap on a message from someone who you want to block
  • Then select Details located in the upper right corner
  • 1Then select and press the “i” icon which is located opposite the numbers
  • Scroll down and then tap on this Block Caller

    You do this by blocking, the phone number will not be able to make phone calls, send text messages, or Facetime with you.


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