How do I backup my Raspberry Pi?

How do I backup OS and Data On my Raspberry Pi?

Win32 Disk Image is software designed to write to raw disk image to removable devices (microSD)

or a backup device. Or otherwise used for reading MicroSD devices to a Windows PC.
It is very useful to copy data from Raspberrry PI2 / Android, Ubuntu on to the hard drive.

Copy from microSD to disk Image

Backup OS and Data ON My RaspBerry PI2

Windows XP / Win 7 / Windows 8.
I use the program’s Disk Image to backup data from Raspberry to HDD. If micro SD me in raspberry

damaged can be restored.

Steps for backing microSD raspberry:
1. Install the program onWin32 Disk Imager 0.9.5, to the PC / Windows.
2. Insert the MicroSD card into the PC slot, thus detected by Windows. (Suppose that in this

example the drive I :)
2. Run the application software Win32DiskImager. Will appear as follows:
3. Select the driver I as the source.
4. Select and name the image file (in this example drive F: / A_ISO / Rasp1)
5. Press the <Read> wait (it took about 5 minutes, depending on disk capacity microSD will we

6. Good luck.


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