Hover Drone : Foldable Self-Flying Camera Drone

hover droneQiu Meng Wang, CEO of Zero Zero Robotics introduces a drone with a foldable design and come with a camera. Innovation is what then makes four wide-eyed investors and poured millions of dollars. They are GSR Venture, IDG, ZhenFund and ZUIG. Although there are a few other investors are also interested.

Drone-made folding this team and make portfolio quadcopter or multirotor growing. Drone folding or by Zero Zer dubbed Camera Hover Flight uses Qualcomm Snapdragon platform that is designed to meet the needs of industrial drone. It also introduces Artificial Intelligent (AI) for control.We combine technology with robot AI radical fly light that will support the efforts of people to improve their lives,” said Qiu Wang Meng.
hover drone 2
This drone rotor section can be folded when not in use so it is easy to carry. The material is made of lightweight carbon fiber. With all the components, these drones weighing only 238 grams alias under standard conditions the maximum allowed by the FAA to allow a weight of 250 grams, in particular for drones hobbiest.
hover drone camera
Flight Snapdragon platform that complements multicopter itself is powered by a Snapdragon 801 chipset which has a computing speed of 2.3 GHz with GPS and is ready to accommodate a camera that can record 4K quality. The resolution camera of 13 MP. To be more stable when taking a picture added Electronic Image Stabilization (EIS) even added a feature to record a 360-degree panorama.


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