GoTenna creates a smart Portable Off-Grid Communication Device

GoTenna Allows you to send SMS and Location When Not Received Signal, since the device is able to make a direct radio connection with other GoTenna device as far as four miles or about 6.5 km. By doing so, the device is capable of sending short messages and GPS locations to share with family or friends. Currently the price of the device is $ 200 a pair and are often paired in a jacket or backpack and carrier.
go tenna
GoTenna connected via Bluetooth connection with Android smartphones and the iPhone, with the application. This particular application also allows the smartphone to send and receive data when the antenna is extended from 15 to 20 centimeters. The batteries are rechargeable and can last nearly 24 hours, the equivalent of 700 was able to send text messages.

Journalist from the Wall Street Journal that test GoTenna around San Francisco and several suburbs of California found mixed results. Reporters found that radio technology devices have some limitations in the range of rocky or rugged terrain, but then had to sort reconsider why people would use these devices.
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This device is not intended to improve cellular service. It is only meant to offer users a way to send SMS or share their location in remote areas where not served by cellular signal. Because these devices work in pairs, this also allows Shout mode, where the user message can be heard or received by users GoTenna another chance to listen to at the time.


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  1. Janina

    Mar 22. 2016

    Wonderful device, it is useful for tracking and monitoring our loved ones. But i think there are lot of mobile application that works like this for free.

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