Google’s new Project Wing drone delivery service in 2017

project wing 2017Google re-launched Project Wing. Different from the Loon Project where the balloons emit signals Google’s internet, Project Wing is assigned as a courier drone. As we know, Google does have a lot of ambition, one delivering goods customer orders using drones to send the goods to the destination address. With this Wing Project, Google will soon realize the ambitions that, even this project has entered the testing phase. Google’s own party brags that this project will begin operation in 2017. Wing Project itself will be flying at low altitude, maximum altitude drone owned by Google is no more than 14,500 feet or 4419 meters above sea level which makes it fall into the category of lowaltitude. The altitude of the flight standard class G for some sort of flying object UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) or drones may fly across settlements or urban. Indeed UAVs and drones are the same type of device, but in fact these regulations do not apply to commercial drones including Google‘s own Wing Project. Reportedly, Google’s own party are lobbying the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) in order to Project Wing permission to fly at an altitude of class G. Besides Google, other companies such as Amazon have also developed drones as a courier to deliver the goods. Amazon itself drone named hers as PrimeAir. However, both of these projects has a different design, if the Project Wing has a design such as UAVs that can fly horizontally at high speed, in contrast to PrimeAir which has a design like drones in general. The second major project of the company‘s United States alike have entered the stage of testing and development.


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