Google releases Dashboard privacy

Google release new features or pages sort of privacy dashboard that allows users to set up their account. The page can be accessed at this address, the user can find a myriad of related settings their Google account.

google privacy dashboardSuppose, on the menu Sign-in and security. This feature can control and access password for the user account signing session, device activity, and applications or websites connected to the Google account owned. This menu can be used to control password and see the extent to which the activity of the account that is integrated with the application or site.
Another menu example, Personal information and privacy. In this menu the user can control regarding personal info, account history, account settings and control the content. Other menu call it the Account Preferences. Users can set about the language, delete the account and accessibility as well as arrange storage in Google Drive.
There is also a menu Security Checkup and Privacy Checkup. A step checkup to see the extent to which security controls and privacy Google account you have, such as a brief review. If anything goes wrong or see anything suspicious can be directly followed up on this process.
As we know, Google has a lot of services that can be accessed with a single account. It does not include third-party applications or websites that can be integrated with a Google account. In security efforts, active users are expected to regularly check their account activity. If something is deemed suspicious, privacy dashboard through this then it can be prevented and acted upon.


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