Google Redesign Chromecast

chromecastYesterday, Google launched a redesign Chromecast streaming video. In addition to the modified display, the device now has a feature “Fast Play”, increased WiFi and easier content discovery. The company showcased alongside the Nexus Chromecasts 5X make 6P Nexus smartphone at an event in San Francisco. That marked Google’s move back holding a formal event to unveil its flagship devices this year.

In addition to the new design, Google added several features to the device, such as having hardware that significantly improved the performance of WiFi with a new adaptive antenna system. In addition, there is a feature “Fast Play” that will ensure Chromecast run faster. Such as when a user is approaching the end of the episode on Netflix, the app automatically starts loading the next episode so ready to play when the first episode ends.

Queiroz says there will be more content on Chromecast now. The company also has added upping the game with new game content and features that allow people to use their smartphones as a game controller.

In addition, Chromecast now also supports Facebook, Flickr, and Google Photo, users can project images from their phones to their TV.

Even Google has also redesigned Chromecast applications. The new features include the “What’s On” discovery component and devices” tab that lets people use their phones, tablets or laptops as a remote for Chromecast. Google’s new Chromecast comes in three colors, namely black, lemonade, and coral.


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