Google May Want To Make Own Processor?

If you look at the current Android in terms of SoC, there must be the name of the Android maker. Such as Qualcomm, MediaTek, Rockchip, Huawei Kirin, and Samsung Exynos. Basically there are many existing manufacturer’s name at this time, and it seems Google also feel compelled to be a part of them.

In a report from Phandroid, showing that Google has sat down with various OEMs to discuss the possibility to develop their own processors.

In addition, Google seems to have shown some designs, but at this stage it looks like they’ve just in talks and there is no definite plan to produce it.Although currently only just a rumor, but at the same time Google is also trying to make their own chips.

Once Apple has been successful using their own chips, and Google has the Nexus already possible to control software and some hardware. By making their own chips, it would allow Google to unify their Android hardware better again.


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