GoHawk is launching a new camera expansion pack that lets users switch the GoPro on with a remote shutter By Bitting

GoHawk for GoproGoHawk not currently be marketed and is still in prototype form, the device consists of 3 options GoHawk shutter, the shutter to be held, stored on the tongue, and even bitten. GoHawk also equipped with LED lights as indicators placed at the helm and a USB port as additional power for longer shots.

gohawk shutter can be through a bite

gohawk shutter can be through a bite

The device used is compatible with GoPro Hero4 and basically works like a cable release camera operation is transferred through bites, tongue or fingers will allow you to record video, shooting a single exposure or making burst. The indicator light is red when the GoPro camera taking photos or recording video, and will be blue when stand by.


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