GE announced “Raven” Drone Can Detect Gas Leaks

General Electric announced a drone that can detect a gas leak. GE parties also demonstrate the capabilities of the advanced drone. In a demonstration that they do, Raven drone was able to detect leaks from a considerable distance, reaching the equivalent of half a mile or 0.8 kilometers.
Raven is going to give the performance of three times more efficient when compared with the work using human power. According to reports from Bloomberg, GE’s artificial Raven drones have shaped the design of the helicopter with rotor blades 21 inches long. Drone has a weight of no less than 20 pounds (9kg equivalent) and is capable of flying at a speed of 64 kilometers per hour for 40 minutes.

In addition, these drones are also equipped with presence sensors that will transmit data in real time to the operator. There is no detailed information when GE will formally introduce this sophisticated drones. And, judging abilities, these drones will be also used for other industries, including refining industry.


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