Fix WordPress Issues – Visual Editor Not Working after Upgrade WP

Are you a WordPress user? if yes there are some things you may experience one WordPress Website Blank, Add Media button and the menu did not work so you have trouble uploading the image on a page or post, and many other problems.
1.The settings in WordPress

This is basically a visual editor can be turned on or off, to check whether or not active by going dashboar admin, select the menu Users -> Your Profile select. Checks on the Visual Editor, remove the check mark to activate the visual editor

2.Clear Cache Browser

If the first method does not work, please try to Clear Cache browser. Firefox users by clicking the Firefox menu -> History -> Clear Recent History -> Clear Now after that restart Firefox to Chrome by clicking the menu top right -> choose History -> Clear Browsing Data -> Clear Browsing Data and then restart Chrome.

3.Adds Clean on in the browser could not be used because it is an adware adds on


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