Error database is not acceseble, yet Mikrotik User Manager

If you experience sucMikrotik User Manager Error database is not acceseble, yet

Here is the error message if you try to do repair errors in routerboard mikrotik User Manager.

[admin@mikrotik] /tool user-manager database> clear
Dangerous! Reset whole user-manager database (except logs)? [y/N]:
Resetting user-manager database
Failed to reset user-manager database
File does not exist!

[admin@mikrotik] /tool user-manager database> load name=external.umb
Restore user-manager database? [y/N]:
Loading user-manager database backup
Failed to load user-manager database backup
failed to open file for writing: No such file or directory
[admin@mikrotik] /tool user-manager database>

Do not worry. The following steps are able to overcome the problem that you are experiencing.

If you experience such an error on this router Mikrotik RouterOS v6.23.1 when running on x86 or routerboard latest version. Then do a simple steps as follows:
1. You run winbox using the user admin
2. Open New Terminal
3 Type:

/tool user-manager database set db-path=user-manager1

4. Next: If you want to create a new database to do:

/tool user-manager database> clear



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