e-Go Aeroplanes has handed over its first serial aircraft

e-Go is an cheap aircraft that is designed with small-sized body. Even aircraft with a capacity for one person can enter the garage of the house. Moreover, the wings of the plane’s e-Go can be assembled, so that makes it easier to be placed in the garage of the house.
e go
As quoted from Gizmag, fly a tiny plane is not too difficult. e-Go just need a runway 300 meters and further, this tiny aircraft can be airborne with a maximum speed of 90 knots, equivalent to 167 km per hour. This aircraft has a fuel capacity which is able to make it fly as far 531Km.

This aircraft has a pilot chamber which is located on the front. E-Go aircraft is also designed for pilots with a maximum height of up to 193 cm and weighs 110 kg. In addition, the aircraft is also able to accommodate a load of 15 kg. And this plane was able to fly to an altitude of 10 thousand feet.


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