Drone MegaCopter sets new World Record for lifting power

A mega copter drones just a world record with its success in lifting loads weighing 61 kilograms. Drones were designed by a group of students from the University of Oslo led by Henning Pedersen was successfully implanted lifting 61 kilograms for 37 seconds. megadrone This achievement became the world record version of the Guinness World Record. This megacopter Drone also has a design that is quite interesting. Design is like a drone created from a collection of several small drones rolled into one. This drone also has a total of as many as 48 blades that are divided into eight groups. Every small drones are connected to each other by using aluminum and plywood. Total student team University of Oslo This took over 18 months to design the world’s record scorer drones. In the experiment of making this world record, total team conducted five experiments. In the first two experiments, drones megacopter failure and was unable to lift the load within 30 seconds. Only in the next trial, the drone could set a world record and lifting 61 kilograms in a period of 37 seconds. This record was a record for the first time in the world in the category of highest load is lifted by a drone.


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