Drone Defender rifle, a weapon to control Drones enemy down

drone defenderdrone’s user is increasingly widespread and more and more types of drones make the concerns of various parties, not least the United States government. The US government’s concerns are not without reason, because of the recent drone rampant abuse that people make irresponsible. To that end, the US military has now introduced a new weapon to paralyze the drone.

Weapons relaxants this drone named Drone Defender that could paralyze the drone remotely. In contrast to the gun shots in general, Drone Defender not throw bullets to immobilize drone, it emits radio waves special.

The radio waves emitted Drone Defender is able to damage the electronic system on the drone. When the electronic system chaotic, then the drone will immediately paralyzed and instantly fell. This weapon is able to paralyze the drone up to a distance of 400 meters, and has a compact form as an ordinary weapon.

The radio waves emitted by this weapon targeting and navigation systems that exist in the ISM drone, which makes the user can no longer control the drone because the system has been disrupted. According to the plan, it will be distributed Drone Defender US government on vital institutions, such as embassies, government offices, and do not forget to prison and military forces.


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