DJI Launched Mavic Pro with Autonomous Landing

DJI finally officially announced their latest drone, Mavic Pro. Previous rumors about the latest drone DJI been circulating in cyberspace, even the drones have similar features with GoPro Karma, which can be folded as well.
DJI equip Mavic Pro with a 12 megapixel camera sensor is equipped with a 3-axis gimbal, so as to record or capture images either vertically or horizontally. The ability to record it was no doubt, capable of up to 4K resolution Full HD 1080p 30fps and 96fps. Even able to take pictures with Adobe DNG RAW format. By means of steering, the pilot DJI Maveric Pro can manually control the direction of the lens.

there was some increase in drone DJI given their new-ter, such as battery life is able to fly up to 27 minutes (on average only capable of up to 20 minutes). Then there are the smart features tracking, where these drones can be set to follow people or moving objects. and there are also features autonomous landing which makes DJI features Mavic Pro can land smoothly on a move. The last drone can avoid obstacles that exist under ata front of it, because it has been equipped with a sensor.


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