DJI And Hasselblad Unveil medium super Drone camera with 50 megapixel camera

This drone is equipped with a 50 megapixel camera! Drone is the result of a merger between DJI matrices 600 A5D Drone with Hasselblad cameras. DJI also use the drones for its ability is quite unreliable. Matrices 600 is capable of lifting the weight reaches 6kg. In addition, with six rotor drone is equipped with six independent battery so that the durability of its use can be quite long.
Superdrone DJI and Hasselblad
Regarding A5D Hasselblad camera capabilities, is also unquestionable. This camera is the latest product from Hasselblad released in June last year. The camera is specially designed by Hasselblad for aerial photography. They are also slightly modify this camera so that it can be easily attached to the drone by using Ronin-MX.

Image shots of these drones can also be sent via streaming using the application DJI GO. At the same time, the application also acts to control the camera. And thanks to the presence of a downlink system Lightbridge 2, this drone can be controlled from a distance of 5 kilometers. While certainly would be very risky if you control the drone expensive from that distance.

With advanced capabilities, of course drone with a camera of 50 MP is not marketed at a bargain price. DJI party or Hasselblad has not officially revealed the price of the package drone cool this one.


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