Dark Purple, The USB Killer to damage your laptop in second

Dark Purple flash his claims may damage any device when the flash is plugged. How it works is by burning the flash circuitry on the motherboard of the device that is plugged. When the flash is connected to the USB port, this flash sends an electric voltage of 220 volts through the signal line on the USB.

darkpurpleThey also claim that artificial flash they can not damage the existing hard disk to the laptop or computer, so data stored on the hard disk can still be accessed. Dark Purple was also claimed, not only laptops and PC devices that can be damaged by this flash, other devices such as TVs, samrtphone, until any modem router can also be damaged by the flash.

They also say that this flash can be a good random so that users do not have the flash plug sembarangn carelessly on the device. V.2.0 USB Killer is a second generation they’ve ever made. Previous researchers have made the killer thumbdrivewith a lower power supply voltage, ie, 110 volts.


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