CubeSats, Small Satellites Ready to Exploring Space

cubesatsCubeSats are small-sized satellite, the cube shape makes it ready to be the smallest satellite in Earth orbit. CubeSats is ready to slide in late 2015 or 2016 at the latest. This mini satellite previously have passed various laboratory tests which make it ready to be launched in the near future. As reported, the satellite‘s propulsion system will replace large satellites in space. Cube-shaped satellite is claimed to be simpler, cheaper, and is a new innovation for space exploration.

CubeSats is intended for those wish to do space exploration but constrained by limited funding. Paulo Lozano from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology revealed in a commentary, its tiny and efficient can help students or the state to conduct research to enrich their space program.

Later, a small satellite will not fly alone, there are at least 10 types of similar satellites will fly together. Once in Earth orbit, the satellite is able to perform tasks like other large satellites, as do various studies, such as climate observations, analyzing the space objects, even a new planet hunting can be done this tiny satellite.

Unfortunately, this small satellite will be forever in space and can not be returned to the earth’s surface. This means, CubeSats will become space junk if it is not used anymore. Even so, the benefits of small satellites is very large for space exploration for the future.


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