Corsair launches Hydro Series H5 SF CPU Cooler

cosairpreviously, Corsair has released several types of water coolers on the market, as some of them, Corsair Hydro H60, H80, H80i, and H100i. Unfortunately, not all of this water cooling system to a computer with a fairly big case, or at least a small case, but would support the use of cooling water.

To answer these needs, Corsair has now released a line of water cooling system, the Hydro series H5 SF. Water cooling system is intended for computer systems based mini-ITX. Equipped with a large blower, make maximum heat dissipation.

The unique of this cooling system is, the radiator used is not attached to the casing, but stick together with the motherboard, which is installed by using an additional bracket. In this way, no need to worry anymore for those who have a mini-ITX case but want to taste the water cooling system on the device of your computer. Additionally, the features that are served by the Corsair Hydro SF H5 is used flexible hose so that the installation of this cooling system is easy. Even Corsair‘s own claim that the hose used in this SF H5 durable.

Reportedly, SD H5 Hydro is already sold in some retail stores, even in his own Corsair‘s online store, this stuff is already available. For the price, Corsair fix the price of $ 79.99


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