Connect your Arduino to web-based resources and services with the power of Temboo.

Temboo is, scalable development environment for running and managing intelligent code section that we call Choreos. Choreos can call the API, simplifying the process of OAuth, send an e-mail message, do the encoding, database updates, and much more. You can even create your own custom Choreos.

Connecting Arduino and Temboo

Connecting Arduino and Temboo

Connect your Arduino & Arduino-compatible devices to a vast array of web-based resources and services with the power of Temboo.

Temboo comes bundled into the Arduino IDE (from version 1.5.x and up). You can get started with Temboo by downloading the latest version of the Arduino IDE.

Connecting ARDUINO YUN and Temboo

Ever wish that you Arduino can display the weather on the other side of the world? Or send an email to let you know what it‘s up to? Upload it to your Dropbox account? Or detect if you are at risk of exposure to toxic chemicals?

Now it can. Yun Arduino can easily take all sorts of data and interact with tons of web-based services such as Fitbit, Facebook, and Google because every Arduino Yun can make full use of the power Temboo. Yun uses built in WiFi capability, Temboo facilitate Yun to connect to more than 100 Application Programming Interfaces (APIs).

Do not know what the API or how to use it? Do not worry. You do not need to worry. With Temboo you can start using the API with your Yun in a matter of minutes. Temboo has prepared a standard program code how to program with them and make sure they play well with Arduino.

So how do you get your Yún to Temboo?

Your Arduino Yún comes loaded with Temboo

Your Arduino Yún comes loaded with Temboo

It is also done by Temboo. When you‘re setting up your Arduino account, you can quickly register for free Temboo account directly from your Arduino profile page. You need to do for it is to choose a username Temboo, and Temboo will automatically send your email account details Temboo along with some ideas on where to start. You should definitely check out the Arduino dedicated section of our website. We‘ve made a few how-to examples to get you Tweeting, texting, and more than Yun you in a matter of minutes. We’ve even put some examples right into the Arduino IDE (File->Examples>Bridge->Temboo).

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