Coming Soon, Xiaomi Drone Costing 699 Yuan

Xiaomi is rumored to be launching drones at a bargain price. According to rumors, this drone priced at 699 Yuan. Xiaomi is known as a manufacturer that sells its products at an affordable price.

Well, while for the launch of this drone is rumored to be going on 24 February at the Mobile World Congress 2016 in Barcelona. Thus, not only launched the Xiaomi Mi 5 smartphone flagship, but also drones who would become the company’s new business.

Xiaomi decision to go into business himself drone, presumably because it is a business that was pressing lately, especially in China. Many small and large companies that participated produce their drones. The world’s largest manufacturer of drones currently held by DJI. The company has its headquarters based in Shenzen, China.

Speculation that Xiaomi will make drones has emerged since 2015 ago. But the company delayed the launch of the drones, because it was considered too imitate drone DJI belongs. Surely with drone belonging to this Xiaomi will be an option drone pilots who want a sophisticated drones capable but the price is skewed.


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