CHIP a super-mini Computer by Next Thing Co, Only $9

Chip, which are made by the Next Thing Co. The company is based in the United States and has just released his computer on the market. The chip itself is already introduced in May through Kickstarter site, which the site contains a wide range of innovative products from a wide range of new companies.

Chip has specifications such as processor speed of 1 GHz of Allwinner R8 yan paired with 512MB of RAM. Speaking of storage, a memory chip is planted with 4GB of storage.

chipChip is also equipped with an adequate connection, as has the WiFi 802.11 b / g / n and Bluetooth version 4.0. For input, the chip is equipped with a USB port, micro USB and HDMI ports

Chip can be used for various things like computers in general, such as typing documents, watching movies, or surf in the virtual world, it is also capable of coding for a programmer.

About the price, this computer exactly cheap, reasonably priced $9, Chip can be taken home. But with lower specifications, do not expect too much can run heavy applications because Chip is not designed for that.



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