China Unveils Armed Drone, Sky Saker H300

Sky Saker H300 manufactured by NORINCO is also known as Unmanned Arial Combat Vehicle (UCAV) form the first helicopter produced by the Chinese state. Previously, NORINCO has launched shaped drone aircraft and they call by the name Sky Saker.
Sky Saker H300
Drone helicopter is equipped with an infrared camera and electrical and optical laser to lock a target. Moreover, drone helicopter is also equipped with the existence of two missiles that exist on both sides of his body. At the moment in a condition ready for combat, these drones have a weight up to 200 kilograms.

rone’s Sky Saker H300 also has advantages such as that found in a helicopter. Among these are capable of being used in the war at close range and is able to land in a vertical position. But the form as a helicopter also makes these drones have drawbacks in speed sector.


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